Eames Hall, 1966

Eames Hall in 1966 with Alumni Library in foreground

In 1945, during the final year of World War II, the Lowell Textile Institute was down to 12 students in its senior class (1). At the time the school consisted of a cluster of buildings on the north side of the Merrimack River in Lowell, Massachusetts. The senior class size was as small as it was in 1916, when the Institute was called the Lowell Textile School, its original name, established in 1897. But with the ending of the war, the return of soldiers, and the advent of the GI Bill, the school population quickly swelled and with it the need for increased facilities. The result was the construction in 1948 of the campus's first two dormitories: Eames Hall and Smith Hall, followed the next year by the Alumni Library.

Smith Hall was demolished in July 2010 to make way for the construction of the Mark and Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center. Demolition of Eames Hall followed in March 2015 to be replaced by the Pulichino Tong Business Building.

This exhibit stands as a commemoration of these events, and as a look back at the history of a venerable institution that began when textile manufacturing was king of the local economy and evolved into the current University of Massachusetts Lowell where the diversity of technological training reflects the multifaceted world of hi-tech pursuits in the Merrimack Valley region today.   


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